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    At Eurofiber, we take our social responsibility seriously.


    At Eurofiber, we take our social responsibility seriously.

At Eurofiber, we take our social responsibility seriously. We have worked actively for many years to increase the sustainability of our organization and develop an effective CSR policy. This policy is based on several cornerstones: social and community engagement, the environment, ethical business conduct, and health and safety.

Social and community initiatives

As part of our commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR), we regularly support social and community initiatives. An example is our long-standing sponsorship of the fiber-optic connections for the Glass House, a key aspect of 3FM Radios annual Serious Request benefit event. We also donated a live stream for the birth of a baby elephant at Amersfoort Zoo. Time and money are also made available to support employee initiatives.

Protecting the environmentSustainability - Fiber optic

Mindful of our commitment to CSR, we focus on making every step in our production chain more sustainable. Since 2011, we have worked tirelessly to reduce our CO2 emissions. In 2014, we achieved a 20% decrease in emissions by increasing the efficiency of network equipment and taking greater control of our energy usage as an organization. Since the beginning of 2015, we have relied exclusively on green electricity to meet our energy needs, including in our ISO 14.001-certified datacenter. We are proud of our market leadership in this area.

Ethical business conduct

Our CSR policy emphasizes the importance of conducting our business honestly and with integrity. Our employees and suppliers know what we expect from them. They make commitments to embrace sound business ethics before we enter into partnership with them. We apply a ‘zero tolerance’ policy in the event of non-compliance with our code of conduct and conditions.

Health and safety

CSR also prioritizes safe and healthy working practices. The mandatory certification of everyone working on our network is an example. In total, over 900 of our own professionals and people employed by our contractors are currently certified. We promote a healthy lifestyle within our organization. An annual highlight in our sporting calendar is the Sprint Triathlon in Maarssen, which we sponsor.