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    Propel your financial services into the 21st century


    Propel your financial services into the 21st century

To stay competitive in an era where data is the greatest asset, financial services providers must take the leap to full connectivity. But the integration of cloud and legacy systems is complex—and once you’re there, how do you monetize your vast quantities of data while honoring the stringent demands of compliance and legislation? Eurofiber’s secure digital infrastructure helps you harness the power of financial technology to profit from your data, identify new revenue streams and form stronger relationships with your customers.

Give customers the mobile experience they crave

Today’s customers expect secure, painless, 24/7 mobile access to every service—including financial ones. To meet that demand, financial service providers must develop online platforms that make their services available at any time, from any location, using any device. They must ensure a fluid, responsive user experience and achieve virtually 100 percent uptime. Above all, they must guarantee that every transaction is 100 percent secure. Eurofiber’s advanced digital infrastructure enables your company to do all of these. What’s more, you always have room to grow, with complete freedom to choose which services and service providers you use.

Harness big data and the cloud to keep your company in the vanguard

Successful companies consistently reinvent themselves to keep pace with an evolving marketplace. Today, that means moving your IT environment into the cloud. But the digital transformation of your company’s core financial systems does more than just satisfy customers: it also supports your transition to a more proactive and intelligent business model designed for the 21st century. That transition requires a complete analysis of your workflows in the back, middle and front offices, as well as advanced big-data analytics. Eurofiber’s reliable fiber-optic network  grant rapid access to your massive volumes of data and guarantee its secure transfer and storage.

Future-proof your ability to meet the stringent demands of security and compliance

Regulatory agencies are focusing more attention than ever on risk and reporting. Cybersecurity and the fight against cybercrime also demand top priority. Legislation such as Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), Basel III and central bank standards place extremely strict security requirements on your IT environment, encryption protocols, and data storage. All this requires not only complex analyses but also new procedures, systems and certifications such as ISO27001, ISAE-3402 and NEN7510. Eurofiber provides the strong, agile digital foundation to keep you secure and compliant through the 21st century and beyond.

Ensure the secure real-time exchange of perishable data

Your financial data must not lag behind reality. To effectively analyze and respond to real-time information such as stock market fluctuations, your online transactions must be latency-free – and your systems must be up and running 24/7. Eurofiber’s secure fiberoptic network and fully redundant datacenter guarantee your company will always be acting on the latest up-to-date data.